web design dev

In the modern digital business environment of today, a website is the face of any business. In fact people looking for products and services offered by you will browse your website first before even sending you a query. It is therefore essential that you have an attractive user-friendly website that is highly visible online and ranks on the first pages of major search engines. Not having one will lead to missed business opportunities.
Given this scenario, it is important to know the basics and what goes into web design and web development. In general, they are talked of in the same breath but in reality there is a world of difference between the two.

Web Design – This starts by conceptualising a website and taking into account client goals and objectives while focussing on creating an aesthetically pleasing website. Designers use many design principles in their work. The first is balance where the right cord is struck between bright and dark colours and light and shade. Next is contrast where designers look at contrasting textures, sizes and shapes to focus on certain sections of a website. Emphasis is important for web design. It is highlighting certain sections of a website to draw client attention or focus on special offers. The “call to action” areas are an example of this. In short web design is what you see visually of a website when you browse the Internet.

Web Development – After a web design has been finalised web developers or programmers take over and develop a fully functional website. The design is a non-interactive picture and for visitors to go through various activities this must be made “live”. Developers use HTML and CSS codes along with various programming languages such as PHP for this purpose. Developers might choose to use HTML and CSS from scratch and develop customised websites or might use software such as Adobe Dreamweaver to develop a page where the relevant HTML and CSS codes are picked up automatically. CMS tools such WordPress and Joomla are also commonly used in web development.

There is a lot more to web design and development than this. An attempt has been made here to highlight the basics only.